These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m leaning on Julie Andrews this morning, I’ll always love her. Don’t mess with the Sound of Music, it’s just fine the way it is. Okay, that’s my two cents. Can we all move on now?

Oh the news, oy vey! In other news, I’m about to make my WordPress friends all cringe with talk of damsels in distress. Not a normal stance for me, but I needed to remember why we all believe in love. I need to remember. 


Dreams of lands Far Far Away

A Prince, who rode a white horse, the one willing to fight for all that is right,

 even if we never learn his name.

My Man of Hood, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor just to see my smile,

lived when I should have.

A Knight, leader of the Round Table, always looking for a fight and a way to protect even when he disagrees.

My Poet, running with the Boys of Night, a deep, dark and gentle lover.

A Writer, a man who wrote of the boy who drank poison for love,

embracing what social class couldn’t defy.

My Cowboy or Irishman, you chased the red head and tried to tame her,

always coming back for more.

A Playwrite, who promised I’d never grow up, I miss my friend, Peter.

Come, take us out a window…


16 thoughts on “These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Hi audrey. This makes me want to re-read Outlander (Diana Gabeldon). Speaking of – did you ever read Julie Andrews biography? It’s really good especially if you love her like I do.


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