My Captain


Wake up, Captain,
Time to see what this,
Ol’ vessel will do.
Take me away,
The sea is calling,
Insisting on a quest.
Pleading, may I go with you?
Our boat’s broken,
I don’t mind.
We’ll fix her quirks,
She’ll shine bright,
Reflecting diamonds in my eyes.
Toss the map overboard,
A destination shows weakness,
We’ll go where the wind pleases.
Somewhere beyond,
These familiar shores,
Time relinquishes its hold.
Allowing us to release control.
Enjoy a voyager’s life,
Void of pressures or fears.
I’ve waited for you long enough,
Captain O’Captain,
Call me your First Mate,
Or if I’m in luck, your Lady.
I’ve proven I’m ready,
I believe in a better life,
This is destiny waiting.
Now fire this Beauty up!
Listen to her cough,
Smoke doesn’t bother me,
No, not at all.
This anxious smile,
All because of you.
Wave good-bye,
Tell them we’ve had fun.
Our adventurous dreams,
Have us fleeing,
Like lovers on the run.
Finding peace,
Beyond what is normal,
Past what makes sense,
Into a life of craziness.
This is our boat,
Her name:
Out Of Control
Or your favorite:
Will This Thing Sink
I giggle and reply,
For you I’d do anything.


46 thoughts on “My Captain

  1. You are so busted out on this one, Audrey Dawn… You hid it from me, didn’t you? The little adventuresome sailor girl is shining so very brightly in this poem. Since the truth has come into my vision of your lust of wandering… Please… come aboard, “my Lady”… and we shall sail into horizons unknown, in search of our adventures… exploring our own intrigue… and greet the coming of each new Dawn, in love and light… we three… and know we’ve found our buried treasure… Your captain, my Lady… and the sea…
    Have you ever seen the moonlight while at sea? I believe I would find those diamonds in your eyes…


  2. Great poem…you are really on a roll. This one may be one of my favorite of yours as everything comes together so well. Words, feeling and then imagery. A poem of true romance for life. There is also this very strong sense of love and boats & water, so it really feels like it is part of the Puget Sound πŸ™‚ Wonderful Audrey.


    • Thank you, Randall. I appreciate you so much. I love that you find this poem a favorite. This sailboat stole my heart the other day while I was by a marina close to wear I live. This is my biggest fantasy, so it probably comes through very clear. I visioned a life and everything. The life was breathtakingly perfect. I have always loved the water, travel and the idea of a boat taking me away on an adventure. I think the only thing missing was Peter Pan. πŸ™‚ My sleeve could easily be showing here..I’m a sucker for a challenge. This boat would be a hell of a challenge! Thank you…


    • I’m the same, water is everything ~ really need to live near it…and then boats are just part of this attraction. You’d enjoy the movie “All Is Lost”…Cheers!


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