Whirls of adored simplicity
A delicacy in abounding view 
Stretching her immaculate petals
A life of extravagance is her dream
Burdened to sway within these leaves
Predestined, but she agrees to glow
Allowing her white curves to show
Slender dancing limbs persuade
Pristine color an earthly fate
As we all watch intently
Indulging in her glow


23 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Audrey, I love your series of poems based on some lovely photos of flowers. You always have a way of bringing to life the qualities of the flowers shown – and sometimes you even disclose a few qualities I wouldn’t have picked up without your poetic sensibilities pointing them out for me.

    I have gotten a bit behind this week and need to go back and look at some things you’ve posted that I’ve missed. That will be time happily spent. ❤


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