Longing for my heart’s home
Keeps me peaceful
A calm destination
My weakened mind’s petition
Striving place for final clarity
A soft place to fall into actualities
Rocky Mountains of supreme force,
Continue to remind.

They never grow taller sadly,
Forever crumble slow.

This I know
Pushing to defy reality;
Show me taller and stronger,
With more reserve.

Rivers flow, a one way road;
Beautiful rivers babble,
Find peace in those.
My river rages far into forever,
Defines devotion


18 thoughts on “Devotion

  1. Defining devotion in a poem, that is perhaps the only way to really understand the emotion…so much that goes into it, every emotion expended. There are places that bring out the same with me, happiness/sadness, excitement/serenity…tough to define what on the outside seems like contradiction which is devotion.


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