Invested focus
Afternoon air reminds me
Childhood full of dreams


27 thoughts on “Focused

  1. When my son was little, he LOVED trains! We rode on many a train, including Amtrak, and visited all kinds of train museums and such. Lovely memories this one stirred. Happy Mother’s Day, my friend!


  2. One of my very favorite childhood memories is of taking a train ride to the end of the line and sitting on the station platform to eat our brown bag lunches. I probably ate p&j and sat with my legs swinging over a wooden deck. We had just graduated from kindergarten in Enterprise, Alabama. It was the only day of kindergarten I liked. That train, trundling along on its tracks – outside the windows I saw the whole world rolling by, all its secrets intact. You wrote a poem just for me. Thank you, Audrey.


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