Why Do We

This desire
To be
Why is it all
The Past
The Future
Why not
And love
This is
This is
I’m told
It’s all
We have.


44 thoughts on “Why Do We

    • Know that I love, grow and advise others on the so called “heirloom” apples. I try not to judge as another’s favorite is always a good start. Sadly, far too few folks have any knowledge of God’s incredible lessons, variety and beauty in this area. These apples blow your mind and haunt your tastes. Flip side is that you never find yourself able to stomach a store apple again.


    • I’d take a class from you. I haven’t visited an apple farm since 2007. And it was here. I did some reading and I’m intrigued. So many of the apples sound amazing. There are varieties of apples I didn’t know existed. Shows how unworldly I really am. I should keep my mouth shut. I shake my head sometimes after realizing how simple my window to the world really is, C. Thanks for opening my window a bit.


    • We had a couple of hundred remaining (known, edible) varieties in the mid-ninties. There were over 10k in 1900. Lee Calhoun started searching and a couple of others joined in. Thanks to their work about a thousand “lost” ones were found. Great, great story.

      You are far from the only person who’s tie to both the land and God’s wondrous way got cut when refrigeration became wide spread.

      See, told ya I was raised in a different world.


    • Please don’t hear a judgment of you ma’am. Our whole society underwent a monumental shift. Where I live was littered with orchards. They started disappearing in the WWII era due to a couple of years of no crops from late frost kill offs. People born and raised on these orchards now come to me seeking what their parents knew but didn’t pass on. Two, three, four generations of orchardmen came before them yet they don’t know what the tree in their childhood backyard was. It was Granddad’s favorite but they never asked.

      Tell me your preferences sometime.


    • I’m not and I didn’t, I was merely poking back at myself. I’m often craving a more well rounded existence. I don’t think there’s a one of us who hasn’t wished they’d asked the questions when they had the chance. Part of life. What’s amazing is finding someone who still has the answers and hoping they will allow us to sit at their feet.
      Preferences on apples: not tart, crisp, sweet, not dry..similar to my wine πŸ˜‰


    • Try a Cripp’s Pink. Commonly seen sold as Pink Lady. Pink Ladys are one meeting a certain visual standard and, as such, bring a premium. Just like folks it’s the inside that matters and they are the same there.


  1. You had me with the M&M’s (though I prefer the plain ones!). Do you stack them? Or put them into geometric shapes? Or separate them out by color? I’m guilty of that, too. Lovely thoughts, lovely photo!


  2. Desire, Lust, Love, Crave, Want, More, Now, Yes….. All of that combined into your flow of words comes out in that DESIRE for all of it regardless of what it is. It evokes passion, pleasure and patience.

    I really M&M’s too ; )


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