32 thoughts on “My Infatuation

  1. This particular passage in my poem came to mind after reading a passage of yours:

    “in this brief moment
    my sigh
    takes my breath away,”

    and the way words can never do justice to our feelings.


  2. “The moment poised
    The universe, breath held
    And each tiny epiphenomenon
    With a full dance card
    A winsome smile
    And a secret dream of consummation
    After the ball

    A moment poised
    Echoing off down the ages
    With a come hither eyelash
    And little in mind but to shimmer without resolution
    As the unspoken exclamation shifts
    From “what a phenomenon!”
    To “what a sensation!”
    While with a flick of the wrist
    And a slip of the lip
    The magician in you melts away”

    – Part of a longer poem (https://bennaga.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/peeling-potatoes/)


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