Grackle’s Song


When dried leaves depart,
In submission to the changing wind,
And nothing now makes sense,
Remember we’re all given a plan.
While quiet enough to hear,
And present enough to understand,
We’ll realize sadness, too, is a gift.
Even when the hearts of Grackles,
Sit and wait for a chance to create,
Songs out of screeches and cackles,
Their tune we refuse to consummate.
Yet, we allow it to comfort us within,
Remember, same tree, same devotion,
When leaning into darkness, once again.


54 thoughts on “Grackle’s Song

  1. Gifts do often come from the most unexpected circumstances…
    β€œ…while quiet enough to hear, and present enough to understand…”

    Absolutely beautiful, Audrey Dawn


  2. A fine thesis and introspective poem Audrey. Sadness is indeed a gift – but enough is enough. After one major sadness, I lowered my expectations of others and have thus far avoided a repeat. This has pros and cons but is worth considering in certain circumstances. Nice work Audrey Dawn.


  3. Lot’s of depth. Thanks for a glimpse into your heart. And, well, may be you should print this, frame it, and find a fine suitable and appropriate space upon one of your many walls …


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