Tonight, This Is Who I Am


Preparing for tonight,
Charcoal dress pressed,
Shoes red, high.
Silver jewels, a favorite,
My simple black scarf,
Crimson curls pinned back,
Yet teasing my neck.
Christmas party, downtown,
Minute Maid Park, banquet.
Will smell of testosterone,
And weaken my reserve,
Of this, I’m quite sure.
Best smile upon my face,
Dimples ready to play,
You’ll have it no other way.
Final wish for tonight,
Small of my back,
And your hand in place.
Quick look into my mirror,
Remembering who I am,
Just a small town girl,
Confident, yet amazed.


58 thoughts on “Tonight, This Is Who I Am

  1. My heart is beating in and out of rhythm in anticipation… “Dimples ready to play”… Perfection in imagery…
    Loved it Audrey… Thanks for making my heart beat excitedly – my pulse has been too slow all day – not any more…


  2. Ha, ha ~ this is the country girl ready to take on the world…beautiful! This is how I wish I could live each day (minus the dress, heals, jewelry, etc…), such confidence and an attitude to rule the world if that is what you want πŸ™‚ Mark says it so very well, the anticipation of what lies ahead. Enjoy the holidays season ~ and a perfect photo that set the stage so well for the poem/story/dream that followed.


    • Yes, it was just that, a country girl, too big for those city heels, I suppose. Are you kidding me??!! Your confidence and attitude DO rule the world. I wouldn’t gush over you if they didn’t. Swooning isn’t just for anyone, Sir. Thank you.. Enjoy your holiday season, as well. I think I’ll have to write a story about how this night should have gone. My dreams are always so much better, Dalo.


    • Do write about how it should have gone. Many times I think that dreams and memories are often so much better than real life ~ which kindles creativity and makes us chase (and get) more out of life.


  3. Great poem of what’s to come. A hope. An expectation. And as markbialczak said, “anticipation”.
    You lucky dog. A Christmas party. I love the Christmas season. Just not the same in hot weather with different traditions. Oh well, I make the most of it with my kiddies.
    πŸ™‚ Have tons of fun.


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