Where Is


Where is the light I long for
while nothing else makes sense
Where is the touch my heart needs
after incredibly hard moments
Where is the air so calm
to soothe my wandering soul
Where is the rewind button
for our journey, the one I’ve missed


65 thoughts on “Where Is

  1. Here I am… way down here at the bottom of a million beautiful comments… (okay… it actually said 49 thoughts) but of course… that’s where I do my best writing… I wanted to click the like button a thousand times, but it wouldn’t let me… so I scrolled to the bottom here to say that your words shine in a beautiful sadness… your picture glows in magnificence… the hues of longing and the longing of vagabonds… reminds me of another lifetime, wandering the plains as an enlightened hobo…
    By the way, my wandering friend… the only light that truly makes sense and never fails to shine… is the one inside of you… and I know of its brilliance… it has often shined in my direction and brightened many of my days… and I thank you…

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    • Yes, there you are, Michael. You wouldn’t be your enlightened self if you didn’t find enjoyment resting under a few thoughts. Smiles. You’re the best. Hi. 🙂 I’ve been meaning to install a slot machine of sorts for my like button. Wishing it would come to fruition. Giggle. See? All it takes is a little humor from you and I’m laughing. Thank you. I’m pleased you like this poem. Yes, Wandering souls should find respite here, I think. I appreciate you. I’m thankful you see the light I offer and humbled that it often helps. The feeling is mutual. Hugs. Always.

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  2. The beautiful writing along with that beautiful picture….well you nailed it, the journey you missed the emptyness and then you have that beautiful picture but lonely if a person was there by themselves. At least that´s what I got from it, very nice Audrey

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    • Sorry for the late reply. Appreciate it that you enjoyed what I took away from the post, and soft side…..I´m cold, I actually had a tear fall one day but I´m so cold it turned to ice and then I threw it away! 😉
      Hugs back Audrey.


  3. You know love trains and I can’t help but think of journeys when I stare at those tracks. Where have they taken me? Where will they take me the next time I ride. Thanks for a great start to my week!

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