Evening Rainbow


no matter the distance
we eventually go
towards happiness
dusk protects the flow
riding tumbleweeds
as the wind blows
visions of Kansas
evening rainbow


30 thoughts on “Evening Rainbow

  1. It’s fantastic how the colorful clouds in the photo contrast with the darkness of the land and buildings. A great photo! And followed by great lines in the poem. Tumbleweeds and optimism and evening go nicely together.

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  2. A Kansas horizon, with colors only a poet could describe ~ and of course you do it so well πŸ™‚
    I like the thought of this one “no matter the distance, we eventually go, towards happiness” kind of like to think that is the goal in life. You picked a good spot from your father’s doorway ~


    • Now you’re just sucking up for being gone so long! Stop it. πŸ™‚ Many poets could write circles around me and do often. I’d love to read their interpretation.
      Yep, happiness is a goal we should all seek. Agreed. Sadly, this is one of the last photos I’ll get from this spot. He’ll be moving on, but his new view will be spectacular. I believe that to be true.

      Thanks for taking the time to read, Randall. Hope all is well in Hong Kong, China, or where ever you are today. My thoughts are with you. Be amazing. β™‘


  3. Is this truly a Kansas sky? I can see why Dorothy didn’t want to stick around on the prairie when that glorious sky beckoned.
    And as for the poem, even without the lovely photo – one of your best. Evokes all kinds of responses. To think that dusk protects us from extremes. I love this thought.

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    • This is a true Kansas sky, Shari. Right outside my father’s backdoor. Yes, but Dorothy, in the end, saw there was no place like home. My dad has some of the best sunsets around. Such a wide open skyline.
      My best? Really, I’ve felt less than inspired and not much of a poet lately, so I’m beaming. Thank you. Love must protect. I feel it is one of its most important jobs. Truly. Hugs!


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