U- Ultimately 

Eastern traveling breeze
Flows with essence,
Picks up my aura, seductive
And passes out my window,
As my desire for you
Remains. Autumn
Teases with frosted sunshine
Allowing for a clear and
crisp prelude, Muse.
What once was,
Is now History,
And you belong
With me.


32 thoughts on “U- Ultimately 

  1. Not sure if there is a better feeling than that of autumn knocking on the doorstep ~ by far my favorite season, if not for being something like an exhale to sit back and enjoy life before winter surrounded by all that color. And the ultimate autumn is it, as a muse, inviting you in. Love the photo and your words.


    • I’m surrounding myself with what I know to be true. My children and my poetry. Thank you for seeing my smile. I want it to continue. This poem reminds me of the poet I was a few years ago. She’s changed, but I know inside she would love to reappear one day. Every day a new day for beginnings. I love clouds, too. I’d like to see your paintings, Shari. I know they must be beautiful. ♡


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