I can remember when becoming a mom consumed my every thought.
How to convience, plan and encourge a journey leading life in that direction.

Those first few months, I recognized within me a confidence, it was solid, made for it, indeed. Doubt didn’t stand a chance.
I never, not once, saw myself going it alone.

Being mom always included a dad.

Here I am, a mom. Content with how we’ve done. The children are a constant beside me. Never questioning the road. Still not comfortable parenting solo.

I always thought families deserved both.

Even if mom looks like this…

I think you’ll agree there’s an astonishing similarity.

Circa 2012


Ms. Audrey
Says good-bye today
My darlings
Please remember
To love stronger
To hug tighter
To sing louder
Than any other
New words taught
From me to you
You to me
There will never be another
Quite like you
Fantastic group
Good-bye, my loves
Won’t be long and there will be others
Demanding my attention
Hugs and affections
Remember today, always
I care for you
And will miss those sweet kisses
Monday-Wednesday-Friday group
My Panda Class
From here to the moon
My devotion is true
Ms. Audrey loves you

Boo hoo! Saying good-bye to my MWF students today. A Prayer Celebration full of angelic voices may be heard…just listen closely. You may also hear me weeping, too.


I grew up taking care
soothing pains
of those who suffered.
Who taught me?
Two sisters, brother,
mother and a father.
Oldest Daughter
fights for all.
Redheaded sister
hugs when they fall.
Don’t tell me
I’m vain,
or bloody insane.
The poetry
I write
is of happiness,
often healing me
at the end
of my day.
I tend to
women’s tears,
when there’s no
money for simplicities.
I feed children
with no lunches,
after mothers
have forgotten.
I fix worn out clothes,
even when I don’t know how.
Trust me, these people
I know;
live in my heart.
I’m not
what your
eyes see,
my poetry,
an escape for me.
I write of love
hoping to create it
for all those who
are denied.
Yes, I admit, it helps me too.
Am I confident?
Yes, I cannot help
this part of me.
Take it or leave it.
Maybe, just let me be me.
I know suffering
I feel it everyday
humanity is
my sibling,
my child,
my sister,
my friend,
my brother,
and my end.
I will go to my grave
trying to save them all.
I’m allowing you
to catch me when I fall.
Look me in the eye
when you’re looking
for a fight.
This girl will react.
I just might…

Good News

My news for you
On this morning’s dew
Reality is, I understand
They didn’t offer you love
Did they?
You weren’t given the chance
Were you?
Did they leave
Work too much
Forget you existed
Left you on the side of the street
Those are all possibilities
I’m here
I’ve been there
Not to each place
Probably not yours
Yet, I understand
Feelings of abandonment
Each one of ours different
Can you allow me to remind
They may have never offered
But somewhere inside
They love you
Somehow they do
You felt it inside
Or you wouldn’t be here
You’re not dead
You’re alive
Don’t discount them
Over three words
Although not uttered
Maybe felt instead
By the most primal of sorts
If your pain is found in a deeper well
I’ll simply hold you
If you’d like just sit near
Please listen
Bring all of you
Come closer
I love you to pieces
I adore your soul
You are beautiful
You may not know what to do
Or where to go
Rest assured
He loves us
I’m here
I choose to care
I love you