My Friend

When I recieve a Hail Mary text from a dear friend who is in need of a poem I do my best to deliver. Girl, sit back after the children have been tucked in and listen to me. Motherhood never promised to be easy. No point in asking for a refund. Lean on your friends, Ladies. Hugs!

Sit down, my friend,
Grab the coffee.
Let’s talk,
About what went wrong.
Tell me why,
You can’t see,
How great a mother,
You’ve shown to be.
Professional women,
Yes, they don’t have it easy.
The life of juggling plates,
Has proven to be,
Never ending.
Anxiety ridden,
And aways confusing,
Which way do you turn?
Veteran’s who need,
Their doctor?
Children who crave,
Their mother?
We both know,
Each needs you.
An oath you take,
For both, I agree.
To care for and support,
Fix and love,
Nothing else,
Yet, always more.
Yes, that is pressure.
I know.
But let me tell you,
My friend,
You are a miracle.
A child of God.
Your faith is one,
You should be leaning on.
He has always,
Walked with you.
The pressures,
Of being a mother,
Has you questioning,
What’s true.
Whose needs,
Are you feeding?
Beaming professionally,
While your children,
Are suffering?
No, my dear!
I refuse to let you believe,
You’re unworthy,
Of understanding,
Just who you were meant to be.
You perform both duties,
You mustn’t forget,
Where your children,
Have been.
Each day they’ve walked,
Beside you,
Seen your love,
For helping others,
Striving to do your best,
All for them.
This, my friend,
Is mothering at its finest.
When you feel less,
Than stellar,
That’s when its time,
To consider,
No one is perfect.
Not even my rhymes.
No one can achieve,
The perfectionist,
Suffocating inside.
Who you’ve been,
And wishing for nightly,
Will never be allowed.
Leave perfectionism to Him.
We both know who He is,
Let God take care of this.
Rest and lean on grace.
Tonight after the children,
Have gone to bed,
Read this.
Remind yourself,
Your children see you,
They’re smart enough,
To understand.
They strive to be,
Just like you.
A loving mother
A selfless woman
A devoted wife
A caring friend
They see you,
As we do.
To rise each morning.
Set off to do,
Your best.
Leave the rest,
To Him.
He’s got this…
Remember one thing,
Don’t forget to call me!
I can juggle,
With the best of them.


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