Fire & Brimstone

Sat at work today thinking on yesterday morning’s worship and it had me giggling all over again.

The mom in me grabbed a couple of pieces of candy from my office candy dish for Mr. B and Miss M to busy themselves with if needed. (Seems we’re always moms of littles again at some point.) At first glance it was a mint and two small jaw breakers. Seems either choice would be appreciated.

Half way through I silently push them towards Mr. B, who is sitting next to me, he’s delighted. Softly picks one up and reads it in a low mumble I can’t make out but hear him say, “No way I’m attempting that now,” and takes the mint as he looks at me all wide eyed.

Of course, then Miss M sees his treat and her hand slides around Mr. B’s back and I meet her half way with the two small jaw breakers. She smiles and pulls them in. Out of the corner of my eye I see her pick it up and read it with Mr. B watching.

He chuckles, she bends over and looks at me like I’m nuts and says something I can’t hear and refuse to acknowledge, as I’m listening to the Pastor’s Message. Seconds later I feel Miss M’s arm from behind Mr. B’s back and see the candy has returned.

Both pieces. Fine don’t eat them. Whatever. Seems strange.

After worship ends, my responsibility for a minute ends, and everyone begins standing up the kids look at me and say, “Really Mom?”

That could have been a messy situation. Thankful they don’t blindly eat food given to them.

Still giggling!

#ididntlook #gigglesfordays #church


Fire and Brimstone

Pacifying teenagers

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