Brace Yourselves…She’s Feeling Chatty


One of my favorite guys, Mr. Mark Bialczak of What Will I Write About Next, used the sneak approach to get me to accept the Liebster Award he offered out a few weeks ago. How’d he do it? He asked the right questions.

I admit to being caught off guard by Mark’s nod in my direction, but I have no good explanation as to why. You see, we talk weekly via our blog posts and quite rightly enjoy each other’s company, so it shouldn’t have been such a shock. How did we meet? I can’t remember, but we bonded a year ago over nicknames. He likes using them and so do I.

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Dragon’s Loyalty Award: I’ve Been Lifted Up

I have to accept the award given to me twice yesterday. The Dragon’s Loyalty Award has become one of my favorites, so the chance to blog about it again is so very welcomed. I’m thrilled to be acknowledged by two humorists or humourists. They’re brilliant at pulling out a chuckle or smirk. I was offered a new button for this award, but there’s something about this one that I like, so I’m keeping it. I’ve offered the other two options below, but first let’s get to the two bloggers responsible for making my day brighter yesterday.


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Not Another Award Post! No! But, It’s Me: Audrey

Okay, its award time. Trust me, this has been a long time coming. I am way behind in thanking everyone for encouraging me. I have to say that I was surprised at the amount of friends I have to thank. Some of you shocked me. I didn’t even know you were reading my posts. For the record, I have a special place in my heart for you quiet readers. I happen to be one on occasion.

This is a long post. I’ve tried to speed it up as best I can without taking away from the bloggers who truly need a push and the recognition. Please forgive my writing errors today. I’m not going to say I didn’t spell check, because it may be the only thoughtful correcting I did for you.

We’ve got to get to this quick, as you all know how much work goes in to posting and pasting all of this important information. I want to make sure I get it correct for all of us. Just please know I am thrilled to have my badges on the side of my blog and am thankful for such a supportive group of followers. Okay, this is going to be fun, I promise.
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Wednesday’s Window: Show and Tell

It pains me to consider what I’d do if my bookshelf went up in flames today.

I find this little show and tell situation a bit daunting. Who could choose just five books? Well, I know I couldn’t, let’s start there. I decided that in order to make this a bit easier on myself, I’d simply choose one from each shelf on my bookcase.

No, I didn’t go and rearrange my favorites in order to save them. I think that limiting myself to a shelf at a time helped to increase the atmosphere. You know it fed into that philosophical way of thinking that we all share:


I’m quoting Spanky from the Little Rascals, incase you need a reference. He’s President of the He-Man Wuman Hater’s Club, if you want his credentials before agreeing to my strict guidelines. 😉

1. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – I choose this novel based on the way the author writes her men. My heart starts beating faster just thinking of Harkness’ Matthew. This one is an extreme guilty pleasure because it’s about vampires and witches. Two photos come to mind when I think of this book:



2. The Bible. No other explanation needed if you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all. I relate to Moses. Kindred souls, are we. Well, not the killing, the breaking of the Commandment tablets or 40 day walk, but more like,

Exodus 4:10 Moses said to the Lord, “O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.” 11 The Lord said to him, ” Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the Lord? 12 Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”

Yeah, more like that measure of Moses, the burning bush version.


3. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Have you ever needed to go so far deep into yourself to find courage that continuing on down the black hole of your soul frightens you? And then were you shocked that you found peace there? You, too? We should talk.


4. Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

I’m choosing this one, because I started it thinking my friend, Wendie, was crazy for recommending a book this size. I didn’t have time to read this beast of a book.  The book was humongous, extremely historical and most of all…bloody fantastic. I never thought this genre would sweep me off my feet, but it has a way of going about it. Sneaky, it is!


5. As You Like It by William Shakespeare

*** “All the world’s a stage

And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts …” ***

We must remember to play each of our given roles, am I right? Oh, I think we need coffee for this one. Nothing like a good story about reconciliation and forgiveness, the countryside, forests of France and a chance to read about every aspect of love in one place. What am I doing? I can’t even begin to find the words for how much I enjoy this one.


That’s it, I’m done!! Play along or don’t play. It really doesn’t bother me either way. That rhymes… 😉

( I hope there is never a fire, because this little “get to know me game” stressed me out. Hope my books forgive me.)

A Sunshine Award: You Did What, Audrey Dawn?!

There is nothing like logging in and seeing notifications from fellow bloggers and friends. Recently, I had two friends stop by to let me know that they had chosen me for the Sunshine Award. I think this award is fantastic and let me tell you why. It’s fantastic because I8425_1237661427550_7802202_n feel like I was born radiating sunshine, so me getting this seems predestined, right? I mean just look at this baby picture…

Crazy, right? I’m glowing, here. This red hair of mine has forever been a beacon of light, but I’ve gotten used to it. 😉

No, in all seriousness, I couldn’t be more appreciative of this award. The award comes from two ladies who have been such helpful consultants and frequent commentors on my blog. They help me feel like I belong on WordPress. I’d love it if you stopped by and give them some love.

The Library Lady and Rosie Bear : Geanie, a.k.a Library Lady, is a fellow bookaholic and still enjoys the company of Rosie Bear, her childhood pal. The two of them can make you laugh through stories and book reviews. Geanie has a way of making you feel like you’re in the room with her. I like that, a lot. She has a heart of gold, so stop by when you get a chance.

Princess of the Light: Shining the Light For All: MRS. N, the Author is very busy with NaBloPoMo, but her main focus is getting her book, Princess of the Light, published. MRS. N spreads sunshine consistently on her blog. She’s worth checking out, send her well wishes as she carries out her dream.

Now, to keep with the rules of this award I have to share ten random facts about myself. I’ve gotten this award before, so now I’m technically offering out twenty random facts about myself. I feel like that’s quite a lot, if I get this award again there may not be many secrets left for me. Well, there would be a few. 😉  Y’all better not laugh at me. Or do, I can laugh at myself, quite easily, I assure you. Honesty, is one of my best/worst traits, if you ask I will share. Just like eye contact, if someone gives it to me, then I return the favor. This act leaves me no choice, since Geanie and MRS. N shared, I will also share.

sunshine-award-1I wish I had some intro music…or David Letterman.

1. I love plain cheesecake. Don’t ever ask me if I want nuts, chocolate, fruit, cookies or a drizzling of any sort on my cheesecake. I can’t get excited about that with you. You’re on your own there, friend. Why mess up a good thing, that’s my question to you.

2. I had two 4-H steers growing up. The first one was a Hereford-Angus cross named Panda. I loved him so much. Next was Dude, he was a pain in the butt and he lived up to his name. He loved having his hair blown-out and waved or curled for show. Obviously, he was a diva.

3. I love cowboys. My dad’s nickname is Cowboy. I come from a long line of cowboys/cowgirls.

4. When You Say Nothing At All, by Keith Whitley is a favorite song of mine. I love everything about his voice and the music put to the words, fantastic. Begin Again, by Taylor Swift is another one I’ll share. The writing, is beautiful and I find myself listening to the words frequently. I love the story she tells.

5. I miss riding around in the pick-up with my brother. He’s one of my favorite cowboys and living sixteen hours from him makes me sad. He’s my favorite cook, he fixes everything, he can two-step better than my father, he lets me ride in the Case IH or semi with him, he taught me how to drive a three-on-the tree in Old Blue…oh yeah, this was supposed to be about me. Oops. ((lost in thought))

6. My favorite vacation spot is in the Colorado Rockies. Summer after summer we’d drive up and stay in Eldora, CO at my great uncle’s cabin. It was their summer home and break from California. The cabin was my happy place. I fear that the cousins who have it now, don’t appreciate it quite the same way my father’s family does.

7. My nickname is Aud, and oddly enough I prefer odd numbers. I have a sister who prefers even numbers. Imagine the fight over how the egg carton should look. 🙂 She thinks they all need a buddy. I believe having one stand alone in the column shows independence and bravery. Self confidence, if you will. (I know, it’s just an egg. Who cares…)

8. My dream is to have a porch big enough for all of my friends. We’d sit together, talk about everything, sing familiar songs, I’d feed them, oh how we’d laugh, I’d love on them, offer them ice tea, even sweetened if they preferred, and then make them pinky promise to come back again tomorrow.

9. I’m interested in the Salem witch trials. I cannot imagine living during that time period.  The Shape of Mercy, if you’re interested in a fiction story on the events of that time, is a good look inside. I don’t believe in witchcraft. What actually happened during the course of one year (1692-1693) makes my stomach turned over and over again.

10. If I can’t build you up, then who will? I love what God has put me here to do, I honestly do. XOXO

Let’s Just Add Versatile Blogger to My Short List…

I began my day seeing a rainbow, a double rainbow, while taking my children to school. I told them that today would be blessed. As I pointed to the rainbow, I explained to them that it was a beautiful promise from God. A reminder of His promise to us. It’s a marvelous thing…

Then my day went just okay. Nothing happened today that stood out as life shattering or earth changing. It was going along like a day you’d rather remember tomorrow then continue to be awake for today. A day of wishing and wanting the day to have gone differently.

And why?

Isn’t every day we’re here a day to be thankful for?

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