If …

if you played the guitar, I’d listen
watch your fingers sort the notes
classic bass tones mutter,
they’re the ones I love the most

if painting was your passion
topography comes to mind
blues depicting life in detail
I’d sit pretty within the sky line

if the voyage across the seas
called you away; waking the beast inside
use your mind, I’d plea
wouldn’t be like you to hide

if photography was your passion
and you found me teary-eyed in wonder
nature hook’d a poetess of attraction
and to know her is to love her


7 thoughts on “If …

  1. Now, I ain’t much of a guitar player, and I’m a bad finger-painter, and as for boats, well seasickness is my specialty… but give me a camera and 🙂 I’ve hook’d myself a poetess of attraction 🙂
    Wonderful and playful poem, Audrey, and an incredible photo! Wishing you well ~ great to see you back writing again.


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