Made to Display

someone should claim her
take her straight home
pink like cotton candy
and made for a throne


17 thoughts on “Made to Display

  1. Incredible, Aud. The photo and then this magnificent poem, truly makes the heart beat faster… not sure I’ve had that happen too many times reading a poem. It’s the dead give away with all art ~ my heart speeds up and I’m sold.

    Although, I have to admit my first glance at the final line I saw the word “thorn” instead of “throne” which I think is more a part of my subconscious possibly saying it can’t be this good πŸ™‚


    • Randall, I must admit my goal when writing this was to hasten love a bit. Isn’t it when we are at our finest we should fall into the arms of love? I believe so.
      I’m overjoyed with your response. You’ve been a long time companion here and I’m thrilled my poems can still get a rise from you.
      Thank you for your generosity, your adoration and continued support. You know I think the world of your efforts here and abroad. You, Sir, are the best at what you do and having you stop by here is my joy.

      Thorn….throne….potato patato…. you change whatever word you’d like. LOL


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