Spirit of the Day

the concern within my eyes –
twilight assumes as its own,
my faith breathes.
gone is nearly today, as dust billows
life continues, work sets the pace
the echoes of yesterday
further behind, as tomorrow
eagery awaits.
Cicadas joyful within the trees,
remembering to honor those
before the sun sets,
pups howl against the breeze.
Light, use your glow,
dusk determines goodnight –
we’ll pause – alongside the tea kettle.
The future, only God knows, yet I whisper ideas as
the spirit of the day settles.


12 thoughts on “Spirit of the Day

  1. The spirit of the day settles ~ beautiful. More recently such feelings are making themselves felt, more aware of the moment. Enjoyed these lines very much:
    “the echoes of yesterday
    further behind, as tomorrow
    eagerly awaits.”
    There is a new world out there, not sure whether it is maturity taking me on a new path, or the shift of life over the past 18 months, but it does feel different and I think differently as well. Cheers to the spirit of the day.


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