Slow Down

sit with me
in awe
glorious vision
the hand of God
the splendor of twilight
hurry is slowing down before us.

*What I Would Have Shown You


18 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. Hi Audrey Dawn, remember me? I used to have the Library Lady and Rosie Bear blog, but I started travelling so morphed into the Library Lady Travels. It’s fun to see you’re still blogging. Love your poetry – as ever.

    • Hi! Of course I remember you. So nice to see you again. I will be by to visit. I’ve been super terrible the last few months about visit blogs. I miss it. Life has me super busy, which can no longer be my excuse for being away.
      Hope your travels have been safe ones. ♡
      Thank you for the kind compliment.

  2. You paint a pretty picture, Ms. A. Can’t help noticing that big dark cloud up there though and wondering which direction it’s going in; and wondering also whether its inclusion was intentional as in the past I have several times fancied I noticed in both your poetry and your choice of pictorial image a hidden depth and subtlety. I appreciate and admire both qualities when I come across them.

    • Dear Ben,
      I’ve always written my poetry for everyone. Yes, there is a deep meaning usually overlooked by most readers. And that is okay. I love when others find the simple beauty attached, which is what my eye caught when a photo is taken. My soul takes over as I write and what I’m supposed to learn comes through. Most of the time I’m surprised by my message. Usually, in awe of how relevant it is. However, the words are also simple and quite nice all on there own. Grateful my hands are able to speak what my useless voice cannot.
      Grateful for your time and effort here to listen. I thank you. ♡
      (I do hope this doesn’t make me sound full of myself. I am so far from it.)

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