Slow Down

sit with me
in awe
glorious vision
the hand of God
the splendor of twilight
hurry is slowing down before us.

*What I Would Have Shown You


23 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. Hi Audrey Dawn, remember me? I used to have the Library Lady and Rosie Bear blog, but I started travelling so morphed into the Library Lady Travels. It’s fun to see you’re still blogging. Love your poetry – as ever.


    • Hi! Of course I remember you. So nice to see you again. I will be by to visit. I’ve been super terrible the last few months about visit blogs. I miss it. Life has me super busy, which can no longer be my excuse for being away.
      Hope your travels have been safe ones. ♡
      Thank you for the kind compliment.


  2. You paint a pretty picture, Ms. A. Can’t help noticing that big dark cloud up there though and wondering which direction it’s going in; and wondering also whether its inclusion was intentional as in the past I have several times fancied I noticed in both your poetry and your choice of pictorial image a hidden depth and subtlety. I appreciate and admire both qualities when I come across them.


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