You reside on protective winds,
Waves she won’t honestly understand; and been denied.
Bringing peace to bruised souls deemed worth saving.
Left early to her own devices,
She questions helpful hands
Prefers avoiding disappointment, yet failed.
Forced to believe she’s meant to be alone,
Soul searching required, and left to wonder
Why life is the way it is.


11 thoughts on “Pause

  1. I think your title says so much that’s important. Pause. Slow down, stop, take a moment to catch your breath. You are very young and whether or not you’ll be alone the rest of your life is undetermined. Leave yourself open to possibilities but apply yourself to what brings you satisfaction. You’re a wonderful person, Audrey. Maybe the right person hasn’t shown in your orbit – yet.


    • It’s very hard for me to know whether or not I’m walking the path God wants for me. I spent years believing I heard Him so I followed through until I was hit over the head with reality. I doubt myself and my inner voice. A clear message ahead would help me, but I haven’t proven worthy of help. One day I will. I believe it. Thank you, Shari.


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