Good Morning


Been fussing with my tree for a few days. Tryin’ to create festive feelings by decorating. Each morning brings colder weather and along with it the sniffles and coughs.

The children have been giving 100% in all their activities and with school. My responsibilities are being tended to, as well. The Christmas season is upon us. A lot to be thankful for this year. Today, we’re going to take in the wonder of our many blessings.

I hope you do, as well.

Happy Sunday, Y’all.

Mary Did You Know

Let the record stand that Audrey Dawn did not back down from a challenge. Two takes…this was the better of the two, so I’m going with it.

I was challenged to spread Christmas cheer by recording a holiday favorite and asking my followers to join in. I’m giving you all a pass with the hopes that you’ll go easy on your comments of my fearless attempt to sing Mary Did You Know.


Merry Christmas, Y’all.

I reserve the right to delete this at any time, so you’d better hurry and listen. I have no idea why my entire picture is attached to this recording. My guess is because SoundCloud knows it just adds to my humble moment in the sun. (Newbie!)  Kill me now. Ha. Ha. Ha. Maybe y’all could listen with your eyes shut for your old pal, Aud. Even though you can’t see my eyes I’m bright red at the thought of this post, but I won’t end the year being a chicken sh*t, so here goes nothin’… I’m down to the wire on this, as I was challenged a while back, but better late than never. I had to convince myself I could survive the humiliation I feared. In all honesty, I’ve never felt more safe than right here on my blog, Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister…

For Heaven’s sake spread Christmas cheer or this is all for not!

I think I’m nearly ready for Christmas and I hope you are, as well. I love you, always. ~Aud

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

According to my daughter, even as far back as Christ’s birth, all new parents go through the same insecurities.

I’ve never laughed so hard….

Merry Christmas!

As Christmas Eve begins I want to take a few minutes to thank you all for being part of this blog with me. Each comment you were brave enough to make made me feel like I was becoming more and more welcome in your world.

Thank you for being part of my world.

The effort you make to stop by and read my thoughts humbles me and is a true act of kindness. I love every Like and Comment you’ve bestowed upon Oldest Daughter – Red Headed Sister.

Oh! The awards! I will be thanking you for them ASAP. This month has been so exciting as you acknowledge my efforts to find my voice.

Thank you. The past eight months have been a precious gift. I am so thankful for the strength I found back in April to give blogging a chance. The rewards have been priceless.

Thank you, Jesus for always knowing just what this red head needs.

Merry Christmas,

Audrey Dawn –
Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister

My Dynasty

Counting the days, now it’s hours, it seems.

Coming to you, darlings, it’s no longer a dream.

Talk me through my travels, we’ll be just fine.

 Not visions of sugar-plums, do I see.

Only me steamrolling you to the floor this Saturday eve.

Prepare, my loves, be waiting for me by the door.

Oh what joy! Christmas with siblings, I couldn’t ask for more.

Get ready, I’ll be searching your eyes. Are you okay?

No, I’m not, but I’ll be just fine.

Pull the reins of the beast that controls our time.

I’m yours and you are mine, this Christmas.

Jolly Holiday

Yes, well the city’s Christmas lights were illuminating the twilight air, as thick fog stood still in front of everyone crossing the busy street. Noise from the luxury cars passing by created an evening air fit for the Art District. The shadow society of downtown was dressed in proper black, some even sparkling like stars on a prairie sky.

Houston skyline at night

Walking by the valet drivers, up the stairs and into the restaurant took everything she had. After today this kind of evening so much more unfamiliar to her. She feared the strength she’d need wouldn’t be there. She had a lot on her mind it was somewhere else, stories swirling in her head. One, a story she’d have to tuck away for the time being. How would she write for him, as if taking on the role of a Captain, he’d musted and commanded her to write of swords. A welcomed blank page for releasing anger, a well suited possibility, it seemed.
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