Sapphire Winter

she longed to use words,
like sufficient, levity
with her ear towards
barren and lacking,
as it passes
in echos
across the plains.
snow covered beauty
upon her feet, as icicles
dangle like earrings
her curvy body now, complete.
cover her in ice
and believe in her shimmer,
standing eloquent
within her sun’s
radiant heat upon a seductive  sapphire winter.


39 thoughts on “Sapphire Winter

  1. You know, Miss A., this is beautiful to read and look at, but I’m NOT looking forward to months on end of this kind of weather! Bring on an early spring, please.

  2. I also like sapphire winter- and this poem was nice – but did leave me a little curious – and I know it is not always an author’s style to add notes – but would have liked some here – however – even without it – nice imagery and details

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