praying seems simple
but what do we pray for,
the healing to continue?
even when every single day
is tough
maybe we pray for an end
of suffering, yet
I can’t fathom
world’s apart or dust to dust,
so here I am
upon knees, head bowing
please, it’s your will,
and my loved one,
my inner child screams.


25 thoughts on “Crossroad

  1. Audrey, this is very powerful, and eloquently written. Reading comments – I too believe the best prayer is “thy will be done”, followed by prayers of gratitude. (Or maybe gratitude must come first?)

    Thoughts and prayers for that child within.


  2. I’m a BIG believer in prayer, Poetess. We might not get the answer we hope for; we might not get anything other than “wait.” Still, I know God loves me and intends the best for me (whether I think it’s best or not!). And as long as I’m trying to discern His Will — and follow the path He leads — life is a pretty good place.


  3. This reminds me of the novel, ‘Silence’ by Shusaku Endo. The themes there are slightly different, but still the same, if you get what I’m saying. I think you may have watched the movie. It’s very well written Audrey. It’s strange too, because I was thinking of writing something along these lines today, but then changed my theme.


    • Nitin, I’ve never heard of this novel, but I’ll keep it in mind. I’ve been inundated with death, and sorrows as of late, and this poem flew through me this morning as I tried to reason with loss. Acceptance of life and death whether we’re ready or not. Many times the words that come through me aren’t meant for me or about me. Those are the times when sharing my poems are of most importance. Maybe this is intended to have you reconsider your decision not to write your own version.

      Thank you for telling me your thoughts today, Nitin. ♡

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    • It is also a Martin Scorsese film, but I haven’t watched the movie, and I don’t know how many movies give books their due justice. I myself have been flooded with thoughts of death. My sorrow comes and goes, but I can’t deny its existence. I often feel very apathetic too, and my hunt for solitude is not always promising. I’ve honestly been through hell, the last few weeks, and I hope I can put a lot of the nonsense that happened behind me and move on. I might write my own version. It’s difficult though because the very act of praying is something that I hardly ever do. I do hope though, even though my views are verging on nihilism with each passing day. And thank you for your post Audrey. It made me think about a lot of things.


  4. It’s a subject that fascinates me and always has, and i often wonder what people pray for or who they pray to if someone or anyone or anything is the focus.
    Audrey, this is fine indeed.

    Big Hugs



    • This subject is near and dear to my heart, as well, jf. I always come back to His Will being done. I understand there are many different versions of the one, and I can accept that with a lot of joy in my heart. Belief in a higher power is of my concern. I don’t want anyone to be left thinking they have no one. It just can’t possibly be the case. Or love wouldn’t exist at all.

      jf, it is always lovely to have you read me. Much love and hugs to you.

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