I’m In Love

I’m in love with being in love.
There’s nothing I have visioned for myself that excites me more.

I hear laughter
Eye squints as their sparkle escapes
I feel that upon my face.

Silly grins
Dimples no longer hidden within
The true marking of contentment
And its offer of grace.

The best of friends welcoming
Challenges – happy endings -frustrations.
Holding hands, connecting spirits
Building a firm foundation.

Take me there, widen the span of
Love’s true existence
Birth the eve of beginnings
And wrap me in the arms of the one
Who needs me.

Next Time


Simple poetry,
My prayer, floating free,
Shall work harder,
And stand well enough,
In hopes,
To receive you,
Next time…

A huge thank you to my blogging loyals today, yesterday and tomorrow. Y’all truly make my day with your consistent support. I couldn’t write poetry without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I appreciate your understanding, if you haven’t seen me around your blog. Life has been a bit out of sorts. Look for me soon. I love y’all!

Thank You

I imagine
A tree
Inside out
Yet, bark, like skin
Scarred and rough
This tree
Just like you and me
Fed by the Father
Holy Spirit
All uniquely
United to form One
Thank you, God
For bringing me
To be all I dreamed
To allow sleep
To grow hearts
I Thank You
For all the transgressions
You forgave
Renewing the flesh
Which causes such pain
So one day
We’ll all live with You again