Wanting It More

to fall in love
it’s meant to be that way
to become the muse
the light to their day,
a star located
among millions
far brighter,
chosen for reasons
lost on many,
becoming the final piece
to a complicated mind’s frenzy.
much to be learned,
watched and adored,
realizing you’re not the one,
will make you want it
that much more.



30 thoughts on “Wanting It More

    • There was a point to choosing this photo. The frenzied flowers displayed in a random bottle and somehow made to look beautiful strikes me as their happily ever after. The poem speaks of such, as well. I guess those last lines, well, like looking through a window at a someone else’s story in the end. Beautiful, yet left feeling envious and wanting a similar life of her own, which is why I chose the song I did. Incredibly passionate, I think.
      Thanks for seeing a commonality and for listening to my ramble, C.


  1. This one starts out so optimistically, Poetess. Love the idea of completion. Sad that some things just don’t work out the way we dream. What’s that about a door closing and a window opening??


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