when springtime disappoints
and autumn refuses to speak,
paint a word picture; create poetry.
write of summertimes lost,
oh, how does it go:
lemons and lemonade…something.
or maybe,
winter’s production of an early snow:
verdant and virgin frost,
yes, two Vs – funny.
take me to where optimists dream
and abandon me there, leave me be.


51 thoughts on “Satire 

  1. I’m reading My Antonia by Willa Cather. It’s about Nebraska in the 1800’s. I’m sure you’ve read it – I’m really taken by the characters and the description of the land. Hardy people built your state.


  2. I love this, although I do not think springtime could ever disappoint you…although I think you are correct with the silence of autumn. I think it is why the fall is my favorite time of the year…a time to take in the year, think things over and then prepare for hibernation 🙂 You last two lines,
    “take me to where optimists dream
    and abandon me there, leave me be.”
    Is the perfect sign-off for summer. Not willing to go quietly, and with a smile.
    Cheers to a great weekend Audrey 🙂


  3. These are my favorite two lines — “take me to where optimists dream
    and abandon me there, leave me be.” Oh, my, I so agree! I feel a definite need for a vacation. While I’m not looking forward to winter’s snows, it will be nice having some cooler days with less mugginess.


  4. This poem creeps up on you, seeming disinterested in making a statement, uncertain about tone, and then expressing perfectly exactly how I feel about seasons. Yep, that’s me, out there in the optimist’s dream, waiting for the weather to change.


    • I look forward to seasonal changes. I have issues with going from one nice cool day to a hot humid gross stuck in the middle kind of day… I sound like Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day guy. complains, honestly, grateful for every day. Since moving back to NE nearly two years ago I look forward to winter after 10 years of not experiencing winter except for two days a year. Although, I do get tired of dead and brown nature everywhere. That’s why Spring is so exciting….sigh.
      Thank you, Betty ♡

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    • I agree with you, Audrey. Each season brings its own delight. However it’d be nice if we could customize the year a bit. Short winters and much longer summers! 😆 However I’m up in the northwest where it doesn’t get too unpleasant in any season. Although with climate change our summers are definitely getting hotter. And sometimes we don’t get enough snow in the mountains during the winter. That used to be unheard of. (Sorry, I’m digressing.)
      Hope your day is going well, Audrey. 🙂


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