when springtime disappoints
and autumn refuses to speak,
paint a word picture; create poetry.
write of summertimes lost,
oh, how does it go:
lemons and lemonade…something.
or maybe,
winter’s production of an early snow:
verdant and virgin frost,
yes, two Vs – funny.
take me to where optimists dream
and abandon me there, leave me be.

Unrequited Love

Holly, of House of Heart, encouraged me to try the Non-Love Challenge. I never turn down a request from a fellow ginger, so here we go. ♡ Thanks for asking, my friend.

Rules for the “Non-Love in More than Ten Sentences Challenge”:
~The word “Love”, at least once.
~At least one adverb. (For instance: unavoidably).
~At least one quote or motto  in quotation marks.


Let’s start off with one of my favorite playwrites, J.M. Barrie. Sir, will you and your incredible optimism marry me?… *swoon* (If you’ve ever watched the movie Finding Neverland, you know the story behind his writing Peter Pan.)

“Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.” 
― J.M. Barrie

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Raindrops Have Names


The dark clouds were here when I woke up this morning. The pinging sound on the window panes, as each raindrop hits, beckons me. Raindrops knocking at my soul. Reflective puddles growing in size right outside, so similar to what needs to be accomplished in myself today. The rain is taking the lead and nourishing everything green, and me. The scene has been set. The rain arriving today, of all days, is poetic comedy. A satire, it seems. It sums me up perfectly, don’t you agree? Oh, how I love a double entendre.

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A Reading Nightmare

My other half left, again. I don’t mean my spouse, if any of  you were suddenly reaching for your phone. Let’s not get crazy! What I meant to say is, my other personality, no that’s not right either.

Oh, I’m painting a fantastic picture.

What I”m trying to say is that the reader in me has left, again. She does this from time to time, and I hate her for it, as it seems she has no respect for my attachment issues. She waltzes in at the beginning of the summer and starts pulling books off the shelf at the local library. She actually gets there early and finds time to sit on the floor of the new book section with a few rolls of Smarties and starts a running list.

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