Awareness Sublime

today I walked into the post office.
just inside the door that never locks,
and the silver trim protectively surrounding her,
i saw it.
up against the corner swept weekly,
probably daily in the winter,
almost already behind me,
was a lone white plastic sack.
the contents inside
dwindled down to one cucumber
someone’s summer bounty,
now one of yours,
left, possibly given, presumably abandoned.
I flicked the envelopes into the slot,
turned two keys looking for more requirements,
thankful there wasn’t a spinning combination lock anymore.
somebody take her home, I thought, as I pushed the door open to leave,
and listened as it shut.


23 thoughts on “Awareness Sublime

  1. How I could picture this sad scene with your words ~ “left, possibly given, presumably abandoned.” And the gentle soul who thought about it as she left the building…makes it all feel wonderfully human. It is a poem for the masses, love it. 🙂


  2. Aw, I can only hope she finds a generous soul to take her home and appreciate her, Audrey. Like a speckled puppy at the shelter, it’s always sad when your littermates go to forever homes before YOU do!


    • No it was an actual cucumber, Shari. A sack of them left, out of kindness, for anyone who wanted them. When I passed through there was only one remaining. My disgust with life that moment caused me to dismiss it and care less about its future, which honestly is far from my normal. I’m normally sensitive to people/things left alone, yet yesterday I just could have cared less. Sad moment for me as I realized I was indifferent. And yes, I’m quite aware of how ridiculous…tis a cucumber after all. Emotional much, Audrey?!

      Yeah, this poem is loaded with emotion.


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