Stronger Than You Believe

Circle, little hands spin
Keeps close watch
Talks every now and then
Reminds me of effort
And where life remains
So little are we
Upon this earth
Words still cut, cause pain
Our investment required
The outcome
After experience, noteworthy
Exhale shame
Inhale wisdom
Keep time as your guide
And be proud of your name

Undesirable Request

Silence is the result of what you’ve requested
Requested and desired are two different directions
Directions are explicit commands I submit to freely
Freely is how I materialize for you in your dreams
Dreams are the light during my darkest time
Time is all I’ve ever asked for, bashfully
Bashfully is the only way I know how
How is the question that will continue a circle
Circle is the shape for the ring of promise
Promise is the agreement of pinky fingers
Fingers grasp tightly, an act of true love
Love rarely survives the quiescient sound of being dismissed
Dismissed hearts will never answer to silence
I enjoyed trying this style originally found on Benjamin’s blog: The Breakdown of Taboo – Leftovers. Thank you, Benjamin, for the permission to give this poetic form a try.


In vivid dreams
I run to you
You run to me
Last night
There was no talking
At first I was sad
Our time
Is it over
Tears began to flow
You held me
Reminded me
Sweet Darling
We love our silence
Between hearts
Share a common beat
I woke up relieved
I love you
You love me
What we have
Will always be
Bright colors
I see them
Accross a wide sky
At dawn
In fields
Flowers bloom
Like you, beautiful
Laughter alive
Shared between friends
Stop worrying
Start Creating
Begin living
Make a path
A voice inside
Don’t give up
I think it may be you
You’re all around me