In Due Course 

After driving fourteen hours
Yesterday; a cloudy crisp rainy span,
I listened intently,
Searched every lyric
Each deep note
Not one brought you
To my already wandering mind.
Where are the words
Which describe what I need,
Probably who I crave you to be?
I wrote 14 sonnets,
Between various musical genres,
Not one found itself upon paper
With both hands on the wheel.
I’ve immortalized
Who you’ll be when you meet me.
I fear for you,
A little,
My giggle followed by a wide smile
And it was still raining, cold
When I finally reached home,
Warm under my cool bedding
Hot hand upon my hip,
It was there that I found you,


17 thoughts on “In Due Course 

  1. Writing sonnets – a wonderful way to spend 14 hours driving. Still, 14 hours driving would drive me mad! (angry and insane, I’m afraid.) You have a better solution — look what you accomplished.

    I’ve immortalized
    Who you’ll be when you meet me.

    My favorite lines.

  2. Fourteen hours behind the wheel is a LONG time, Audrey. Much nicer, I think, is the paddling on that lovely river! By the way, 14 sonnets?? Wow, I’m totally impressed, Poetess!!

    • Don’t be impressed. Notice there was no mention of how many times I used the same words in those sonnets, Debbie. Heck of a time to feel inspired to write about love. However, I took that as a step in the right direction. I had plenty of time to think positively about the future and what I see. Now, paddling is always a better choice but neither paddling nor driving for 14 hours straight. (My son also had homework to finish and his assignment was to write a sonnet for English class. I suppose I was just priming myself to help him on our return drive.
      Good to see you.

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