In Due Course 

After driving fourteen hours
Yesterday; a cloudy crisp rainy span,
I listened intently,
Searched every lyric
Each deep note
Not one brought you
To my already wandering mind.
Where are the words
Which describe what I need,
Probably who I crave you to be?
I wrote 14 sonnets,
Between various musical genres,
Not one found itself upon paper
With both hands on the wheel.
I’ve immortalized
Who you’ll be when you meet me.
I fear for you,
A little,
My giggle followed by a wide smile
And it was still raining, cold
When I finally reached home,
Warm under my cool bedding
Hot hand upon my hip,
It was there that I found you,


20 thoughts on “In Due Course 

  1. I love responding to your poetry. My words seem to fall so naturally within the shadows of your inspiration… for your words have always touched my tender heart. But can you teach me how to write a sonnet… when there is already far more than fourteen lines upon my face… I cannot write in short and long the syllables of love… nor have I ever understood a single iamb…

    Sitting near to you has always been my pleasure… Thank you for allowing me to do so… and accepting all the space I fill within your comments section…

    Now… I am near… awaiting my first sonnet lesson…


  2. Who will he be
    When he meets you
    You fear for him,
    A little
    While he fears
    For you as well
    Perhaps more
    Than just a little…
    For he has never written
    A single sonnet…
    And yet…
    When warm beneath
    The cool bedding…
    His hand upon your hip…
    You will find one another…
    And your fear will disappear


  3. Writing sonnets – a wonderful way to spend 14 hours driving. Still, 14 hours driving would drive me mad! (angry and insane, I’m afraid.) You have a better solution — look what you accomplished.

    I’ve immortalized
    Who you’ll be when you meet me.

    My favorite lines.


  4. Fourteen hours behind the wheel is a LONG time, Audrey. Much nicer, I think, is the paddling on that lovely river! By the way, 14 sonnets?? Wow, I’m totally impressed, Poetess!!


    • Don’t be impressed. Notice there was no mention of how many times I used the same words in those sonnets, Debbie. Heck of a time to feel inspired to write about love. However, I took that as a step in the right direction. I had plenty of time to think positively about the future and what I see. Now, paddling is always a better choice but neither paddling nor driving for 14 hours straight. (My son also had homework to finish and his assignment was to write a sonnet for English class. I suppose I was just priming myself to help him on our return drive.
      Good to see you.

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