Grit and Honesty

What appears scattered and
Left behind, always contains
A story.
Superficial sees a nobody,
Welcomed to pass along by,
Wind blows a bit, she nods,
Fully accepting their shortcomings,
Expects nothing, aware.
Astute, is she dressed in commonly.
Yet, most eminent, she
Has use, furthermore, ability.
And she’ll wait
Longer than anyone ever
Thought possible,
For the one who sees
True grit and honesty,
In a lady.


28 thoughts on “Grit and Honesty


    My portion to walk
    These barren, wasted hills
    Knuckled and gaunt
    And stiff with old loam

    Flow down through the world’s ebb
    All among dark strangers
    Whose hourglass
    Runs thick with dream

    Bent upon the strait path
    I have no whim
    To tell each fashioned note
    As truly as some well tuned liar

    But choose instead
    To take the same old number
    Rip from its womb untimely something new
    And make it count

    For music

    For music

    Has unmanned me, aye
    And stole my reason
    To make cause with those
    Who are not privy to this openness

    Who have ears and do not


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