Grit and Honesty

What appears scattered and
Left behind, always contains
A story.
Superficial sees a nobody,
Welcomed to pass along by,
Wind blows a bit, she nods,
Fully accepting their shortcomings,
Expects nothing, aware.
Astute, is she dressed in commonly.
Yet, most eminent, she
Has use, furthermore, ability.
And she’ll wait
Longer than anyone ever
Thought possible,
For the one who sees
True grit and honesty,
In a lady.

In A Moments Time

From simple beginnings
A leader, yet not
Self cope, learned not taught
An ache swells against her chest
She, fully aware of the meaning
And where her priorities
Should remain, yet
A glimpse of cerulean,
Through a pristine white sky,
Leaves her swiftly restrained.
Wild daisies across an open field,
Tall prairie grass swaying
Is pictured, visioned longingly
With his strong hand
Pulling her in
Taken, once again