X – Xyst

drag me through
verdant covered angles
leaves thriving, cascading.
allow blossoms to reach
my nose. Inhale the beauty
as life is exposed. Take
me back to where
happiness found me.
my spiritual growth;


38 thoughts on “X – Xyst

  1. Beautiful, Verdant verse πŸ™‚ I love the play you took on the letter X too πŸ˜› I may be forced to do something similar lol. Don’t really feel like typing about a xylophone LOL


  2. The line of “Inhale the beauty as life is exposed.” is the feeling I have when I step away from the city/work/life and head to the mountain or shores, and see nature and the world for what it really is (and what it can be). A nice thought as I head into the CBD of Hong Kong… πŸ™‚


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