S – Sensation 

I’ve always known, a
Dauntless healer, my heart.
I hear a Beast howling,
My spirit desires to soothe
You, now be.
I become what is
Written, effortlessly.
So does he, and the
Cornered woman
Over there, as well.
Don’t suppress. Write truth
Willingly, and man
Will fall to their knees.
Expecting to see your soul,
Words active. Living.
Intoxicating intentions, yours.



Mid afternoon daydreams,
Produce the sweetest gifts,
Today, I found nothing different.
I heard you whisper,
“Gray’s okay…”
So, I’m left wondering,
How do I keep myself,
From running warm fingertips,
Across your flushed cheekbones?
An opportunity to feel,
Where your smile begins,
And a chance to steal a look,
Into your eyes.

My ‘No Matter What’ Friends


Do you have people in your life who enrich it to the point that it begins feeling disingenuous? I have been considering this for some time now. I have been blessed with some of the most encouraging friends and for the life of me I don’t know why. I don’t feel like I have returned their encouragement as well as they have given it out. I often walk away wondering, what I’ve done to deserve their love and acceptance.

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