Vision of Reality


Across an aquamarine pool
star fairies sparkle and glisten,
a scene of brillance, splediferously true,
found now shimmering upon my fair skin.

Secluded moments live here, too
dancing and guiding are the wisps
throughout the day, into twilight’s hues,
freckles, counted, by way of sun’s kiss, claim me.

Apollo offers to illuminate the view,
his hands sculpting radiance; bronze tones,
as summer temperatures offer proof,
his abilities masterful and, yes, epic.

Cicada’s persistence found romantic,
while evening shades finally filter through,
smell of honeysuckle murmurs to the wind,
hinting to how life could be once alone with you.


32 thoughts on “Vision of Reality

  1. The color of that water and the light exploding on it.
    Your poem radiates feelings too large to be contained by words and yet your words capture them. To love and be loved … very romantic and those are poor words to describe your lovely poem.
    So glad to read you here again, Audrey.


  2. How glorious your words describe a summer day at the pool. The smells, the sights, the emotions, all artfully crafted together in this amazing poem. Thank you, Audrey, for this delight!! ❤


  3. With my Irish skin, I’m not much for lolling about swimming pools, ma’am, but you’ve crafted such a beautiful scene that I almost wish I were! And ’tis mighty good to see you here once again; I’ve missed you and your lyrics!


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