I feel you beautiful,
I see you you
I notice me functionary,
I weep weep for me.
I see you you,
as me should be
I feel you. Beautiful.
I see you you
Within me.
Weep functionary,
Weep weep for me,
I feel you, Beautiful.
I see you you;
Me, as me should be,


42 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. It seems that we can see so much of ourselves in the world around us ~ pieces of things we would love to be, perhaps not understanding it is all within our reach…and then you finish it with just this thought: “I feel you, Beautiful. I see you you; Me, as me should be, Complete.” Perfect poem for this perfect day, cheers to the day Audrey πŸ™‚


  2. Gee, I thought I’d already commented on this one, but I don’t see anything, so I’ll try again. Wonder why I can’t remember what I said the first time??

    This one is hauntingly beautiful in a circuitous sort of way, Audrey. You’ve got a LOT going on in here but not a lot of different words to express it. What comes through clearly, though, is the hopeful tone. Hang in there — things WILL get better!


  3. Good to see your poetry around here again. I felt that this poem was a kind of dance. A sad dance while thinking of something that’s missing.


  4. I love the Beautiful chaos in your words. The heartfelt pain that seems to be circling, but then Light shines in, briefly. The circular motion of the words mirrors the emotion until the reader feels the turmoil for themselves. Powerful Prose, my friend.

    {{{{hug}}}} You ARE Beautiful….just reminding πŸ˜‰


  5. Audrey, this one made my heart ache. You are masterful at weaving words in and out, repeating yet enhancing the meaning at each iteration, creating a spiral effect . The photo with its repeated circle motif echoes the sentiment of the poem.

    A mournful tone to this one, regretting loss. But also hopeful at the end, seeing what is possible and realizing it’s there.


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