Choices (Haibun)


Change of plans occur
Let’s go the wrong direction
Leading me to you

And then sometimes life happens and we take another direction.

Definitely not the path you or I would’ve chosen, had we been given the option, but life changing paths exist, as well, and we have to figure out how to survive them.

We can choose to accept fate, brave destiny with strength, or we can decide to hide and wish the dreadful path away.

It doesn’t change anything, I’ve realized. In my opinion, hiding and wishing something away never looked good on anyone.

Most importantly, not on me, so here I sit. Staring into destiny. Pay no mind to the tears in my eyes. Chose to be brave with me today, please.

On we go…


37 thoughts on “Choices (Haibun)

  1. My redheaded friend – I hope everything is okay and the path you are on, takes you where you wish to be (hopefully not too many curves thrown in along the way).

  2. Oh my Audrey, there are no words. I can only imagine why you may be going in the wrong direction. My heart and prayers are with you my friend. Truly.

  3. My late daddy used to remind us there’s more than enough pain and misery to go around for each of us in this old world. I hope your change of direction doesn’t mean pain and misery for you, Audrey. Perhaps it’s just a literal change in direction, a delay in travel plans, possibly necessitated by inclement weather??

  4. *wipes tears*

    Like bandits stealing
    Precious goods
    The best is hidden
    Out of view
    So dry them eyes
    Cutie pie…

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