With Change

when gathering
for granddad’s funeral
no one’s vehicle tires turned into the yard similarly.
even gravel sounded different as folks drove in and chose a place to park.
the earth where his brown Ford pickup had been parked for nearly 70 years
– until Uncle drove it away –
had grass growing again,
but had for nearly fifteen years, I suppose.
I wonder if I’m the only one
who noticed. I never asked.

Choices (Haibun)


Change of plans occur
Let’s go the wrong direction
Leading me to you

And then sometimes life happens and we take another direction.

Definitely not the path you or I would’ve chosen, had we been given the option, but life changing paths exist, as well, and we have to figure out how to survive them.

We can choose to accept fate, brave destiny with strength, or we can decide to hide and wish the dreadful path away.

It doesn’t change anything, I’ve realized. In my opinion, hiding and wishing something away never looked good on anyone.

Most importantly, not on me, so here I sit. Staring into destiny. Pay no mind to the tears in my eyes. Chose to be brave with me today, please.

On we go…