Relax, Sunshine


Finished Sunday
With a cool sea breeze
Monday morning offers
A refocused reality
You can relax, Sunshine
I don’t want
What isn’t meant for me


43 thoughts on “Relax, Sunshine

  1. A truthful yet sad poem, almost a perfect thing for a Monday (and a Tuesday and week tat feels like many Mondays) ~ it is another longing poem, but this one has a very noble sense to it in telling the sunshine to relax, knowing it will return again but wishing it never to leave (even with sunburned skin!). Cheers to a great week Auddie.


  2. Visions appear as the sun sinks
    Off in the distance I believe
    Your smile comforts me
    I strain my eyes
    The waves crash to the shore
    I look up as a seagull flies
    I remember you
    As it winks
    Or was that you?


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