Tell Me About Love


Stepping away from the fight,
Only one need, for tonight,
Tell me about love.
Remind me that it lives,
And thrives among,
Moments we’re intolerant of.

Honestly, I’m needing to hear,
Sounds that bring back familiar,
Like the moaning of a guitar,
As long fingers slide through.
Explaining where I’ve left my heart,
And why it should belong to you.

Allow my strength to weaken,
I’ll listen for that voice I know,
One encouraging me to escape,
Whispering me towards a window.
Write of a passionate world where,
Someone chooses to wear a cape.

Paint pictures of your love among,
Flowers, hearts and shadows,
Even a dragon with a red tongue.
Warm me with your skillful hands,
Explore, as only an artist does,
My freckled skin, your nightly canvas.