There’s a feeling that exists
History has proven love lives
Like a breath of fresh air
We acknowledge when it arrives
Our bodies begin to relax, usually
Become water, when it’s right
A penetration of care
Flowing over our skin
Perfect temperature
Healing as it descends
Further on
Past our eyes
Which see doubt
Beyond our hearts
That feel protective
Over our core
Already aching
For more, of the same
Truth told, we crave love
Not only our selves
But our minds
A saturation combined with ease
Allows our imagination to thrive
In communion, as well
A perfection, pointless to hide
Streams through us, honestly
Sustainable serenity, alive


42 thoughts on “Ease

  1. The lines of your poem tumble and roll like the stream in your photo and the stream you describe in the words. A wonderful poem capturing the flowing, loving feeling. A poem that comes from the heart.


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