Hidden Stardust


Inside her, almost vibrating life
Was every sparkle, she had to hide
Bundle of expression, she’d closely kept
Hidden quietly, her undeniable breath

April came again, as it did last year
Every bit of her worry, is still her fear
What glows from within her suffocates
While she considers, what’s no longer at stake

As magenta opens and offers a view
It is he who still sees through
Understands her stardust, and always has
She found here, awaiting his hand


41 thoughts on “Hidden Stardust

  1. So sad to hold back what wants to express. I love the image of stardust as it’s the inception of everything, and therefore the foundation of all that might be. Very glad Magenta is exposed, her beauty evident – at last.

    This is an endearing poem and a beautiful photo.

    I’m going to have to search my inbox carefully as I missed this one and may have missed others – I look forward to your posts and don’t want to miss any.

    Be well, Audrey.


  2. Ah, the magic of stardust…not a better way to start the spring ~ and to understand the connectedness of everything around us. You have a way with words and thoughts, and this flower is a the perfect idea of nature ~ and the ability for us all to understand the stardust of all we wish to see. Great poem, and again the poetry you create is as brilliant as…stardust πŸ™‚


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