Dreaming Of You


Aubade’s playbill
Come true

Flirtatious green
A mythical view

Flecks exposed
How sparks flew

Feathered, appropriately
Dusk’s favorite hue

Slivered porthole
Awesome blue

Dramatic sunset
Dreaming Of You


49 thoughts on “Dreaming Of You

  1. Now that is as romantic as a poem can get… As I was reading, I had thought I hit the crescendo with “Flecks exposed, Electricity, How sparks flew” but how wrong I was as the poem grew from there until that perfect ending… Wouldn’t it be nice if life worked as well as poetry πŸ™‚ Beautiful work Audrey Dawn ~


    • Aww. Thank you for missing me. I missed being here, too. My world is okay and I’m always smiling. However, sometimes, I have too many thoughts wanting a say and I have to shut down. Process what I need to say and decipher between what is appropriate to share and what isn’t. Mostly, what I can handle talking about and what I’m not brave enough to admit. Self vs control….more than anything I need everything I share to the authentic and real, so in turn, I wait. Patiently. Write and draw a lot and focus on truth and not negative inner chatterings that want in to discourage me. I think we can all relate.

      Glad you liked the poem. The blue drew me in… Enjoy your weekend. xx

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