She’ll wonder how

Many hairs are grey

If your heartbeat

Feels the same.

Consider the new

Wrinkle by her eye,

And which stress

It was cause by.

Crisp morning air 

Will cause her 

Red curls to dance,

Would it affect

You, by chance?

First blush will arise

Around her,

Comforts of home:

Ground, she clings to.

Simple house shoes, worn

Her toes content

Ankles exposed.

Behind fawn wool,

A woman’s desire shown.

Frozen concrete steps

She sits upon gracefully

Allows for silence,

Awakening a quiet

Reflective dawn;

Her serenity.

Each timed breath,

Causes movement

Beneath her 

Heaving breasts,

Proving control:

A lady’s weakness.

Yet you’re aware,

Her day has begun

And still,

She’ll want, require

The comfort

Of you,

Her Eastern Sun.



I try to write
Yet, nothing comes
Too much uncertainty
Consumes my thinking
I’m left with nothing to feel
Come to me, my muse
You know what to do
I’ve nothing to give
Living in darkness
However, it all runs through me
Their pain
His fear
Her joy
Your love
My desire
I’ve nothing left to offer
Come get me
Make them all go away
Allow me to lose myself in you

Clear Views

Lost and wandering
Inside, our cold cabin
I live in darkness
Weakens me
Yet, yearning to inspire my soul
A long winter of sadness
Had unfolded his wings
Today, terrors occasionally tread
A fighter, I must become
Stop the nightmares
Bring out the sun
Freedom, for everyone
Your grace, defeating
Finally, happy heartbeats
Blessed to have your light
Bright and flickering
Inspiring, too
Just look through this window
See what it proves
I could easily get lost inside you
My window, my savior
I’m so delighted
Look at what you’re offering
A tree filled with green
Isn’t he so pleasing
I love the way he arouses me
Allows me to think of Spring
My Devotee, once again
Flowering, my soul
A proper thank you
My one and only goal

Rolling On


Pursuit of dreams
Like the fog at dawn
Rolling on
Eerily, they watch
Why do dreams chase
Honing their place
I offer nothing, officially
Still they consume, thinking
I feel them wrapping around
My needs
My desires to prove
I am everything,
He created, beautifully
I can be me
Soul, mind and body
Never losing sight
Cherishing Heaven
My goal
Forcing authenticity
Those who contradict,
Try to detour, I’m told
The wicked one’s goal
Keep true
Allow them a view
Inside your heart and your mind