I Miss These Brats!

Group chat with my three best friends, also known as my siblings, went well tonight. We even offered hilarious photos of one another. My meeting ran late, but when I returned home they were waiting patiently for me.

My siblings discussed Parenthood while they waited, a television program I used to watch a few years ago, but no longer do. Who has time? I will tell you that I don’t have any time, but they disagree by saying: My priority setting requires a revisit one of these days. Whatever.

We switched gears and quickly updated each other with daily details. Shockingly enough, or not so much, we were all feeling the same way. We were missing each other. I realize now, that I could actually contribute my ho hums the last couple of days to a profound need to connect with them. Always good to reflect, I say. I’m a believer.

Life is busy and never seems to slow down. I cherish our summertime memories from just a few months back. When did October arrive?! I miss my peeps. The humans who know me better than I know myself.

Tonight’s poem is dedicated to their awesomeness and devotion to our relationship. My siblings have taught me over and over again that their love is continuous and binding. I am so blessed to call them mine. I look forward to seeing Big Brother’s backyard buzzing again soon…


Big Cowboy Brother
Head of our management team
Source of all our fun memories
Wouldn’t choose another

Oldest Redheaded Sister
Bossy, she seems
Located this side of far away
Lives life in poetic whisper

Middle Brunette Sister
We call her, Jellybean or Jelly
Speaks of spirited rational
Loves more and even harder

Baby Blonde Sister
Leads with her heart
Guilts us with her smile
Wouldn’t be the same without her

Sibling rivalry
We’ve shared a few
Have each other’s back
Not sure what I’d do without you

**They should have no trouble following this poem. They often ask me to explain what I’m writing about and become quite defensive when my blogging friends understand and they can’t. ..I tell them it’s the curse of the writer’s brain.
β™‘ Have a fantastic Friday!!


47 thoughts on “I Miss These Brats!

  1. The big red barn is ready, as are we. Refrigerator full, music selection at its best, and campfire storys that we all love. Love ya!


  2. Oh ya…this one I get for sure. I’m not so sure I am the only one who guilts with a smile…You know what they say children learn what they see. And I am the baby so it’s not the blonde’s fault 😏 to the moon redheaded sister ❀️❀️❀️❀️


  3. Good morning Audrey Dawn. This poem is as wonderful as your relationship with your siblings. All of us who are not lucky enough to have that kind of relationship are a little bit jealous. I guess we try to make up the missing links by having friends on wordpress. I understand them not β€˜getting it’ on some your poetry. I’ve received some very odd and silent facial expressions from my family after reading some of mine. However, some of my own poetry leaves me a little baffled as well. Beautiful poetry… beautiful emotions. Thanks for sharing.


    • Good morning, Michael. Thanks for the kind comment. I think the WP bond becomes to tight so quickly because we do understand each other and relate most times. I’m always honored by your sweet words. I know I’m blessed to have great siblings. I try not to take that for granted. It is important that we all feel encouraged and loved. Always.
      Hope you’re having a great Friday.

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  4. Good for you to hook into that needed fix of sibling love, Aud. You have a special family. Feed into that as often as you can, my friend.

    They are right about “Parenthood.” There are many relatable lessons up and down the generational ladders, and this is the final season, too. I suggest you VCR it to watch with the young ‘uns. You surely have the 45 minutes (FFing the commercials).

    It’s not surprising the sibs sometimes don’t get the poetry as quickly as the WP world. They’re too close to the where the trees were sprigs to see the mighty forest.


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