As if my clouds had warned specifically
Life does not end in a single breath
Have faith in Him and honor His test
Sit still, believe miracles happen daily

Update on Dad:

Initially, Dad refused treatment, further testing and our pleading words. The idea of him not taking the opportunity to try medical advancement was devastating news. Who makes that choice? A stubborn cowboy who doesn’t believe in doctors, I guess, maybe, someone unsure of what the fight will look like, and I can easily identify with that fear.

Eventually, Dad agreed to take the next step and was transferred to another hospital in Denver. I like to think he knew how much his refusal of treatment was affecting us and wanted to ease our pain, but I believe the support of my three siblings being with him through each step gave him the confidence to move forward. I understand, there’s a process that goes along with hearing such terrifying news. We tried to be patient.

Dad is surprisingly well, and it has been determined that he has less than Stage 1 Lukhemia.  His body has reacted to the initial procedures and medication and the blood results are amazing.  They are recommending that he do six months of chemo just to be sure all has been eliminated. Dad has agreed to do chemo twice a month and it’s a very low dose of treatment. This means no loss of hair or sickness, so business as usual for him, eventually.

Dad is home from the hospital and the pneumonia that put him there, due to low immunity, is under control. Had he not come down with pneumonia we would’ve gone much longer without knowing that he had Lukhemia, as it had been just short of 50 years since he’d seen a doctor for anything. Early detection saved his life. Our family is blessed.

So now…me and why I haven’t been around or writing. The highs and lows of it all had me so confused. I roll my eyes at myself, as I consider Dad’s emotions. I think shifting from horrid news to elation so quickly had me shocked.  Frozen, even. I took a few days to sort my feelings. How does this happen? Who cheats cancer like this? A blessing I cannot even wrap my head around, yet I know it is all God’s doing. Prayers were answered. We continue to pray that the chemo rids his body of anything that remains.

I think I’m back…maybe. Smiles.

The support I’ve received from y’all is humbling. Last week’s poetry was full of beautiful and loving comments and I thank you. Your emails proving your devotion continue to make me smile. Thank you…

The Greatest Man poem was the first poem I wrote after getting the call from my sister last Friday afternoon. It is now one of my personal favorites, as my Dad has proven to me that he continues to be my hero. I’m thankful that he realizes how much I do need him and how relieved we are that he is willing to fight cancer for himself and his family.

The Giggling Siblings poem was the night before some major tests. (defining the stage) I love looking back at that snapshot of our family pulling together and smiling. (Even if they were making fun of me…) All of us fearful of the news we’d eventually receive as the results came through in the days to follow, yet calmly waiting and diverting that fear with some giggling.

The result is a stronger bond, which none of us thought possible, as we’re already each other’s best friends. Maybe now, however, Dad understands how deep our love for him goes.



78 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Audrey, I’m so sorry I missed this during what has been a very busy period for us. I’m only now catching up, and very slowly at that.

    I hope I’m not being premature in saying that I hope things are going well with your dad. What a worrying time for you.


    • Michael, not to worry. You have been busy, I understand. Makes my day to know you’ve stopped by. ♡

      So far, my Dad, is doing fine. The chemo he’s doing is a very low dose, so he hasn’t been sick. Just four months to go and after we do hope to receive the news that he’s cancer free. Yeah, my prayers have been amped up, as Dad is expected to have a full recovery. It was a shock in the news department, and hard to be so far away from him. But we’re all just fine.

      Thanks again for stopping by and saying HI. I miss you. I do hope all is well. Many hugs to you my friend…my tried and true. ♡


  2. Answered prayers. This is the best news I’ve read in a long time, Aud. Congratulations. Now let the chemo do the rest of the work for your dad. He has the right people on his side. Yes, yes, yes!


  3. Very good news to hear, and I bet you are correct about your Dad doing more just to relieve his daughter’s worry rather than his health ~ which shows just how special you all are to him. Happy to hear that it was caught early, and you’re doing well. Cheers!


    • Yeah, he rarely does anything for himself, so it is safe to say he went further than he intended for us. I’ll take that reaction all day long, Randall. Thank you for being such a strong support and for checking in. We can breathe a little easier knowing he has such a great chance at surviving this mess. What a week! I appreciate you, Dalo. ♡♡


  4. I’m late (have been away) to add my relief at the good news, but it’s none the less sincere for that. I’m really happy for you and your family, Red. I’m glad the “old cowboy” (can i call him that?) got such a good prognosis. I do believe that God favors grit, and I’m sure your dad has plenty. 🙂


    • Hi, Hem. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to write a note. We’re very relieved and feel quite hopeful that he will recover well. *giggle* (You can call him that, of course. I’d love you to, actually. Thanks for my smile.) You always know just what to say. Dad has loads of true grit, but we know how truly lucky he is and my hope is that he doesn’t take it for granted. Take care, You… ♡♡♡


  5. aww Audrey, I am so glad to hear that update on your dad! I am also glad you are slowly coming back to writing…I understand how these times had left you feeling a little confused but I am so glad you found and are continuing to find the strength to get through it ❤ ❤ My prayers and love are always with you and your family 🙂


  6. Your poem and update radiate happiness, relief, and I’m guessing you were glowing with those as you wrote these. Such wonderful news about your dad. I think he and — and his kids — are amazing, and that your family has a great deal of love. That’s damn strong medicine.


  7. As Richard said “That’s wonderful news”… I very happy for your dad, you & your family!
    You know, my parents both died because of cancer in 1992 – I was only 24 years old then… cancer is a pest, and sometimes it is stronger than hope… but in your case, I feel that the pest will be defeated by life, faith and hope!
    Your quatrain is heartbreaking Audrey:
    “As if my clouds had warned specifically
    Life does not end in a single breath
    Have faith in Him and honor His test
    Sit still, believe miracles happen daily”
    The second line “Life does not end in a single breath” touches a lot…
    I’m also very happy that so many kind friends from the blogosphere support you showing concern & kindness! I’m sure it fills your heart with a very positive energy! I know words sometimes are not enough, but I would like to say “love love love”, keep hope & faith! Have a nice Sunday, ♥♥♥


    • My mother had cancer about six years ago, and for now is in remission, so I’ve been fortunate, for sure. I’m so sorry you’ve lost both of your parents. I cannot imagine what that must feel like, and how you continue to stay motivated. You, like myself, must lean into a strong faith. I think you are very brave.

      Thank you. I believe we continue into Heaven and will one day meet those we love again. I have to believe that, because I want to see them all again one day.

      I’m very blessed to have made some very important connections, which I feel you a part of now, through blogging. Thank you for your support and love, my dear. I think you’re amazing. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • You’re very welcome Audrey! Yes, I continue to stay motivated, because LIFE is wonderful! When you love it, It provides up braveness and faith, I’m sure you understand! I’m glad your mother is now in remission! Take care of your parents, and don’t forget to take care of yourself, it’s important! Have a nice week dear Audrey 🙂 ♥


  8. As an oldster myself, I must say I share your father’s aversion to doctors. It is as if God wants me to repent since I now have seven of them. I’m glad he took the least desirable path for him to show his love for you. Good news.


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