Prisms of You


Morning dew discovered glistening,
Upon blankets of wild green grass,
Light creating prisms, or pieces of you.
To sit among and admire is found easy,
And all I could ever, bashfully, ask.

Droplets mirror my daily thoughts,
Symbolizing qualities of which I love,
To touch a bold web may ruin my view.
Left to admire each and every angle,
Peacefully, accepting that which is you.


42 thoughts on “Prisms of You

  1. Beautiful…such a peaceful poem, but also a thinking poem as well (and the two go together so well…easy to get lost in thought). Love the photo, now every time I see dew in a cobweb, I will be thinking “Light creating prisms, or pieces of you”… πŸ™‚


  2. It’s so wonderful you find beauty in places like this, and a beauty deeper than just the sight of the dew, but a beauty in the reflections they create.


  3. Hey there Audrey girl, remember me? πŸ™‚
    I’m back from Canada now and on WordPress regularly again. Yeah! And what a beautiful Audrey poem to come back to. This one is truly beautiful, my friend.
    I also woke up to wet and have had some rain throughout the day. Not fun here though. When it rains in the winter, I just feel cold and damp. Boohoo. Not too mention a little melancholy.
    How’s your summer been?


    • Hey there, Staci! I just got back, as well. I will stop over to see what you’ve been up to since your return. Hope you enjoyed your time away. It is horribly hot and humid here…ugh. It can aslo create a sense of melancholy.

      Summer has been crazy. One of my dearest of friends is here from Miami and I’ve had a busy week. Can’t wait to catch up. xx


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