Prisms of You


Morning dew discovered glistening,
Upon blankets of wild green grass,
Light creating prisms, or pieces of you.
To sit among and admire is found easy,
And all I could ever, bashfully, ask.

Droplets mirror my daily thoughts,
Symbolizing qualities of which I love,
To touch a bold web may ruin my view.
Left to admire each and every angle,
Peacefully, accepting that which is you.


42 thoughts on “Prisms of You

  1. Beautiful…such a peaceful poem, but also a thinking poem as well (and the two go together so well…easy to get lost in thought). Love the photo, now every time I see dew in a cobweb, I will be thinking “Light creating prisms, or pieces of you”… πŸ™‚

  2. It’s so wonderful you find beauty in places like this, and a beauty deeper than just the sight of the dew, but a beauty in the reflections they create.

    • Glad to have caused the smile πŸ™‚ Your poetry is beautiful, and I very much like that you find beauty in the details of nature.

      As to where I’ve been… had to take a short break. Life can easily get in the way. You made me smile that you miss my stories. I love WordPress for finding wonderful readers and writers like you. I’m planning to publish several days of stories, then I’m probably going to take another break, this time to work on a longer story. I’ve got to put aside a lot of time for a novel I’m working on. The longer stories are calling to me…

  3. Hey there Audrey girl, remember me? πŸ™‚
    I’m back from Canada now and on WordPress regularly again. Yeah! And what a beautiful Audrey poem to come back to. This one is truly beautiful, my friend.
    I also woke up to wet and have had some rain throughout the day. Not fun here though. When it rains in the winter, I just feel cold and damp. Boohoo. Not too mention a little melancholy.
    How’s your summer been?

    • Hey there, Staci! I just got back, as well. I will stop over to see what you’ve been up to since your return. Hope you enjoyed your time away. It is horribly hot and humid here…ugh. It can aslo create a sense of melancholy.

      Summer has been crazy. One of my dearest of friends is here from Miami and I’ve had a busy week. Can’t wait to catch up. xx

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