Driving Away (Haiku)


Vacation over
Writing emotions, draining
The grass is greener

I cannot believe my vacation and five weeks back home are finished already. They flew past me in a gust of regret, it seems. I mean this in the most positive of way, of course.

Left wishing I’d taken more time and less time, as well. Regretting that I did too much, yet too little, of everything.
Left words unsaid, and said words I shouldn’t have allowed out of my mouth. Basically, I lived, as we all do, wishing I’d tried differently without changing a thing.

I love my family, my hometown, my memories new and old, the best of new opportunities, and the thrill of this adventure. My hope for this trip was to come to terms with yesterday’s regret. I’m sure I didn’t do that, however, I found peace in knowing I never will.

Sadly, I leave Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma a different woman, yet again. Tomorrow I’ll drive the large state of Texas from top to bottom and then I’ll rest. Wave, if you see a white Dodge Charger. It’ll be me. The tired lady who stayed in the Midwest a bit too long, but even now resists the urge to turn her car back around.


44 thoughts on “Driving Away (Haiku)

  1. Audrey, I liked both the haiku and your thoughts about the visit home. You have a lot stories inside you, don’t you, Audrey? I can tell just from what your post implies. You’re a sensitive poet. I like the way you share your thoughts in your poems.

    Forgive me for being late to comment; I’ve gotten a little behind in my reading of blogs. You know that I always visit you with keen enjoyment, eager to read what you’ve shared.


  2. There’s always regrets. Always… Every conversation I have leaves me thinking about thinks I shouldn’t have said. But I make a living off saying things I shouldn’t! *laughs* I know you had a great time!


  3. You never stop learning Aud, about life and yourself, and that’s why your words are so meaningful. You can rest some from your vacation, right? A minute or two once back home?


  4. Driving away (or flying away) from vacation can be quite sad, the opposite of the anticipation I feel driving toward vacation. I like how you mentioned that you’re coming away a different woman. Vacations can certainly shift us. I hope you have easy driving with no traffic on your way back home.


    • Your words calm me, Gus. Thank you. No traffic? Highly unlikely, my dear. In four hours time I’ll drive through Dallas and then four hours from there home to Houston. Home for me and 4 1/2 million others…a strange coincidence for this country girl. My dad just sits back and shakes his head. He raised a cowgirl after all, I may not have horses living in south Houston, but I drive traffic like a champ. Never let’em buck ya off. A great motto to have… πŸ˜‰ (slightly pervy lol)


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