Preparing Me

Hey, Sweetie
Dad’s reassuring greet
I’ve just always expected

Weather’s calm
Dad’s predictability
Bring snacks for the backseat

Asking where to, and then
Do you know where we are
Just look for the sun

Stay calm
Know this will also pass
He has prepared me

Like Driving Out of Control

All I want is you,
To make you proud
When all I can do
Is be me, when is
Enough good enough?
My steering wheel has
Too much bulk, my fingertips
Are cold, hold on, while
My heart drives out
Of control.
These shoes today, a horrible
Choice. Sure, watch me limp
Across the street,
Ha, still me wishful
Thinking, longing.
Curly hair, blown by
Monday’s fluttering wind
Let it be, messy again.
My mind spins against time
And all I hear is patience,
I’m fighting my
Inner child

Work Place Blog Hop

I’ve been asked to participate in a work place blog hop by our friend, John W. Howell. I know many of you already know him and find as much delight in his creative ways as I do. Have you purchased Johnny’s novel My GRL yet? You should, if you’re a crime fiction fan of any sort. He’s on my TBR list, but I fear he’s beginning to question the truth behind that admission. I adore his short stories and weekly haiku, as well. He has the best sense of humor and often brightens my day so stop by and say hi, if you can. This hop was created to showcase a writer’s writing space. You can read his post here.

Please excuse the photos, I couldn’t be bothered waiting for the sun to go down. I don’t want to keep John waiting any longer. I’ve missed out on a lot being gone a few days. Thanks for asking me to add my space and for being patient with me, John.

Welcome to my work space:


Work Place when somewhat tidy.

My desk is found in the corner of two white walls, as white calms my thoughts. Everywhere else, I have loads of color, believe it or not. Do you see my gorgeous brown Gnome with red sunglasses and orange cone hat? He’s been through a lot, but still keeps me company. I’m pretty sure he used to play a lot of jazz. Bass, hopefully. My Kansas State University mug reminds me that I once partied, a lot. A mirror to remind me that I’m not perfect. For me, headphones are a must, as some of you already know. This apple computer station keeps my music running, internet feeding and allows for a large screen on days when I need to properly watch a blog video, like Duke’s weekly Ripping Movie Reviews.


Maxine and Dotzie

This is the corner behind the desk. When I can, I love to keep the blinds and windows open for clean air and light, but it didn’t work when I tried to take a picture earlier. Apparently, there’s too much light to be had during the afternoon at this angle. Anyway, this is the growing station for two of my most beloved plants. The bigger lily is named Dotzie and the smaller one, Maxine. Dotzie is ten years old. Maxine is twenty-two years old. They were both given in condolence when grandmothers passed away. I keep them close, and only speak to them when I’m cleaning their leaves. They don’t mind being named after dead grandmothers. Both have been near death a few times, but somehow keep coming back. I was given Maxine at an age when nothing should have stayed alive in my care. Somehow, we both survived high school and then college.


Staged messy desk… 😉

This is how my space looks most of the time. Well, when I have an opportunity to take over the space and stay awhile, that is. My phone, laptop, and Apple computer are all plugged in and being used in some fashion while in writing heaven. Okay, so a few more papers are generally being tossed around, but I tried to tidy up a bit.


Sitting behind the wheel searching my mind for the perfect word.

In all honesty, when I’m posting a poem, this is what I’m looking at, if my poem is written in the morning. I have some time to listen to music while driving to work, then I take a moment to clear my thoughts before starting my day, which then produces a poem. Staring at this steering wheel might be a source of inspiration, but my guess is that the car’s seat holds me just right. Nothing better than being held just right, you know.


Work Place most days…

During the school year I become super busy and miss a lot of opportunities to write at a normal desk. I’m often running from place to place, and usually arrive early, which allows for some typing on my Samsung Note while waiting in the car. I do my best to get my writing in every day, even if that means sitting in my car in a parking lot. Teachers wear many hats.

It’s a perfect day when I can write outside and enjoy a finishing view like this one.


My evening view and sunset spot.

Now for my, as John says, Tagees:









Morgan (Who, I know is currently on leave, but couldn’t leave her out ♡♡ Keeping she and her family in prayer.)

Driving Away (Haiku)


Vacation over
Writing emotions, draining
The grass is greener

I cannot believe my vacation and five weeks back home are finished already. They flew past me in a gust of regret, it seems. I mean this in the most positive of way, of course.

Left wishing I’d taken more time and less time, as well. Regretting that I did too much, yet too little, of everything.
Left words unsaid, and said words I shouldn’t have allowed out of my mouth. Basically, I lived, as we all do, wishing I’d tried differently without changing a thing.

I love my family, my hometown, my memories new and old, the best of new opportunities, and the thrill of this adventure. My hope for this trip was to come to terms with yesterday’s regret. I’m sure I didn’t do that, however, I found peace in knowing I never will.

Sadly, I leave Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma a different woman, yet again. Tomorrow I’ll drive the large state of Texas from top to bottom and then I’ll rest. Wave, if you see a white Dodge Charger. It’ll be me. The tired lady who stayed in the Midwest a bit too long, but even now resists the urge to turn her car back around.

College Life: Day One – Hippies Do Not Eat People, Audrey

Our family vehicle was full of my life’s possessions and it had been driven for over five hours by my father. We were cruising down the interstate talking, and car shopping. All the important father daughter conversations being prompted by anything found beside the road. I was trying pretty hard to make it a memorable trip. This was our last weekend together living as a family. It was fun, well until we ran out of gas.

“What happened? This is a brand new truck! It must be a computer chip!” he’d said

I remember him turning and looking at me confused, possibly bewildered, if a cowboy can feel that way. He and I looked at each other at about the same time and realized what we’d done. We’d forgotten to fuel up after lunch. The day had been a bit distracting, I’m quite sure, and we returned to the interstate without the fuel we’d known was needed in order to make it all the way into the city. The city that was to be my new home.  Continue reading